Moving Forward with Mobile Tech

There are a lot of different ways to reach people online. With nearly everyone having smartphones or other mobile devices, people are almost continuously connected to the internet. Through the use of millions of different apps, it can be challenging to figure out the best way to reach your target audience. As technology keeps growing, more forms of communication open up. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the large number of options available to reach your audience. Here are three popular ways to communicate with your audience. Follow this list to help you identify the method that is right for you.

Design an App

  • Good for big agencies
  • A lot of work
  • Low use

It may seem like everyone has an app these days. From clothing stores to restaurants and food chains, it seems like everyone has their own app and rewards program. However, this isn’t the right option for every brand, especially smaller brands. With all the apps that are available for smartphones, most users access just 5 apps daily. It’s a big challenge to get someone to download your app and encourage them to use it often. If the primary goal is to advertise promotions and publish content,  building an app may not be the best option. However if you have various products for people to browse, having an app can create a more mobile-friendly platform for your customers than ordering through your website.

Use Chatbots

  • Quick auto responses
  • Good for large and medium-sized agencies

Have you noticed how popular chatbots have become? Chatbots can be set up through social media messengers or built directly into your website. They offer quick auto responses to clients who message your agency with simple questions. For more complex questions, the user will be prompted to call or email a specific person for more direct information. This is a great tool to utilize especially if you find yourself swamped with emails and simple inquiries throughout the day. Trend data indicates that users are shifting more of their time online to group chats and messenger apps rather than newsfeeds. If this trend continues going forward, chatbots could prove to be a worthy investment for the long term. Younger customers in particular prefer indirect messaging and chatbots as a quick and easy way to get simple information.

Social Media

If having your own app or using chatbots doesn’t sound right for you, don’t skimp on using social media. Social networks won’t be going anywhere in the foreseeable future.  Now is a great time to continue updating your content through social apps. There are plenty of third-party apps that can help automate your scheduling so you don’t end up spending all your time and energy updating accounts every day. If most of your clients are reaching out to you through social media, be sure to dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to keeping those profiles relevant so your clients will always have the most current information.

A lot of social blogs make it seem like there’s always a new method to reach clients right around the corner. However, the newest and trendiest methods aren’t the best for everyone. Take some time and think about which mobile marketing trends are right for you and your business. If you’re a part of a smaller agency, use that to your advantage by spending more time being creative and involved in your social media endeavors. Your clients should surely notice.

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