Insurance Networking to Get More Sales

The Best Ways to Network

There are many different ways to network. The first step is getting out of your comfort zone and out of the office. You have to meet people. A rule of thumb: the more people you know, the more insurance you can sell.

Go to Events

You can only learn so much from the people in your office. Step out of your normal circle by signing up for a local group or event for insurance professionals. Perhaps you need to brush up on social media skills. Going to a networking event that discusses social media skills is a good way to branch out and meet other working professionals. Networking opportunities don’t have to be insurance-related or even business-related. Check out some local community or charity groups to start meeting new people.  Getting to know your community and being a part of it is a great way to inform others of your services.

Surround Yourself with Like-minded People

Attending professional networking groups is a great way to meet like-minded working professionals. Meeting non-insurance professionals may be more beneficial than you think. You’re the insurance expert, and they are experts in other areas. Use those events to get to know people and learn from them. Their advice could help you improve your skills in marketing, website management, or other areas, and your advice about insurance could be beneficial to them. They might even send you a few referrals!

Host Your Own Event

If you’re feeling confident, host an event for the public about insurance. Educate those in your community that don’t know much about the topic or have questions. This not only boosts your name recognition, but also helps you become more involved with your community. Events can be as simple as a webinar. Invite other insurance professionals to participate in your events as well. Be a connector and help other agents meet new people. The insurance profession isn’t always about selling insurance. A good tip to remember is to be human and genuinely interested in the people that you are getting to know. The selling can come later.

Over time you will recognize your confidence growing in networking and meeting people, and more people in your community will know your name. Leave a comment below and let us know some of your favorite ways of networking.


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