A New Feature is Hitting Google Maps

Google Maps is currently testing a new feature within the Google Maps app on the Android platform. If you update your app, you might be able to see a Question and Answers section start popping up when you search for local businesses.

This feature functions a lot like you might expect, but you need to be aware of its existence as the feature starts rolling out to more devices. You’ll want to be able to track and answer questions that your customers are asking.

To start tracking today, you need to have an Android device with an updated version of the Google Maps app. You’ll want to see if you have any questions already posted by connecting to your business account.

Keep in mind you’ll be able to see the profiles of the person who has asked a question, so you can get an idea of who they are. Questions that are upvoted will become more visible to consumers using the app.

One important suggestion is that you should be sure not to respond with generic answers of just “yes” or “no.” Questions that are asked are editable. While it would probably be very uncommon to have someone change their question, it’s a good idea to stay safe in case the poster changes their statement to make your agency look bad.

Learn more about this feature in Google’s blog showcasing the changes.

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