The Newest Instagram Feature

Have you ever ended up on an Instagram binge for an hour or two and in the process followed 10+ new accounts? When this happens, it can be easy to forget who we are following thanks in part to the adjustments Instagram makes to your newsfeed based on your new followers. In the process, you may end up seeing only 3 of those new accounts daily, and one of your personal friends could get bumped from your feed to make room for the new accounts. Instagram is rolling out a new feature to help users be more aware of who they’re following and which accounts they are interacting with the most. Here’s how.

A lot of people have complained in the past about Instagram’s feed not being chronological like Twitter’s. This is because they want to show you what their algorithm predicts you think would be the most relevant content. If you’re following over 2,000 accounts, your feed could end up being crowded with posts from all types of business accounts trying to post at the same “hot” hours of the day. This could cause you to miss out on the posts that matter the most to you, accounts that you actually interact with. The algorithm isn’t perfect, but this update will help.

New Feature

The new update sections off your followed accounts into three categories: most recently followed, accounts most frequently interacted with, and accounts with the least interaction. This allows users to go through their followed accounts and identify which accounts are relevant, which accounts they’re no longer interested in, and which ones they’d like to see more of. It’s like making your own customization to the algorithm.

What this Means for Business Owners

This update means that Instagram users likely will be filtering through their followed accounts more frequently. This will most likely result in brands and companies seeing a drop in followers. However, the followers that are retained will be the ones that will have more frequent engagement with your account.

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