New Risks and Benefits of Developing Technology

New Risks of Developing Technology

As new technologies arise, new risks follow in their wake. It’s exciting to be trendy and do the newest, greatest, and latest thing, but sometimes that can backfire. Considering the speed of technology growth, you may not even be aware of what your agency is using now and what is coming on the horizon. Here are some risks and benefits of new technologies that your agency could be using now or in the near future.


  • New means of delivery
  • Automated errands
  • New insurance coverage

insurance drone insuring drones

With companies like Amazon introducing the concept of drone delivery, it’s realistic to expect more companies to give it a try. Have you thought about how that could impact your clients? Would drone insurance be something they would need, or could you see your agency investing in drones to use around the office? Drones have the ability to run little tasks around the office. In Japan drones have been used to blast annoying music at employees that are overworking too many hours and won’t go home.

A fleet of drones is something that your clients would need to have insured. If drones are being used in an office setting, what are the risks if they lose charge, fall, and break down. What if they injure an employee or client? Right now most drones need to have an operator; it’s not too far off to assume drones will be auto-piloted in the near future. If no one is piloting a drone, and an accident happens, someone gets hurt, or a delivery isn’t made, where will the liability fall? Insurance companies are already discussing similar risks with the popular growth of autonomous vehicles.

Internet of Things

  • New autonomy
  • More security risks

“Internet of things” (IoT) is a term used to described electronics and appliances that connect to the internet. Every day we are seeing more new objects come out with added internet capabilities. For example, your TV, refrigerator, printer, or even your coffee maker may be an IoT if it is capable of connecting to the internet. Having IoT technology around your agency could improve tedious tasks. Having simple objects be able to connect to the internet allows them to run more autonomously and save you time.

However, anything that can connect to the internet can be at risk of being breached. Even if the object can’t browse the internet, just being able to connect and receive an update is enough for the device to be subject to a privacy invasion.

New technology is being introduced all the time. New risks will arrive, and sometimes it’s a good idea to adapt. Overall, the nature of risk won’t change even as technology does. Your agency could benefit from these new technologies and may adapt to them as well. New technology can even lead to the development of new areas of insurance coverage. So even if your agency doesn’t adapt to use these technologies, insurance for drones and data security could be a coverage your agency may offer in the future.


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