Nurturing Leads as an Insurance Agent

You have successfully generated a batch of leads, but there are a lot of them that haven’t converted into clients yet. What should you do?

Throw them away?


You need to take the time to nurture your leads. If they have signed up for a quote, clicked through from an ad, or reached out in some form where you have their contact info organically (not through shady paid means), it means that they more than likely have a need for the services you provide.

So, don’t just sit back and do nothing. The longer you let leads sit without any contact the harder they become to convert into clients. There are a few different approaches to nurturing and converting your leads.

Email drip campaigns with varying levels of interests are one method that enables you to touch every lead you get. Depending on how hot or cold the lead is,  you may want to have a few different campaigns running geared toward each stage of the sales funnel. For instance, it may be a good idea to send colder leads a general awareness email campaign instead of pushing them to get coverage right away. Take the time to educate them until they engage more with your content. Then you can move them to the next stage.

Remember to make use of a CRM to keep track of all of your customers’ information. This can be really helpful especially if you’re on a team.

You also can create targeted ads based on lists for use on Facebook to have another way to reach your leads.

Try using multiple methods, and know that converting an existing lead is generally more cost efficient than lead generation. Nurture your leads and do not throw them away.

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