Offline Prospecting Strategies For Insurance Agents

While digital marketing has made it possible for insurance agents to grow their businesses online, prospecting for clients is something insurance agents have been doing for decades. It is certainly important to take advantage of opportunities for new clients online, but don’t forget about the many time-tested methods that still work. There are great ways to bring in new clients if you are willing to do the “legwork.”


Possibly the all-time favorite, referrals are a great way to gain new prospects. Satisfied customers love to tell their friends about you. Sometimes it takes a bit of coaching to show them how to initiate the conversation with someone they know, but it is usually well worth the effort.

Cold Calling

Cold calling at one time was one of the best ways to contact individuals. Now that so many people are on “Do Not Call” lists, it can be difficult to actually speak with the decision maker. Cold calling businesses is a bit easier if you know how to get past the “gatekeeper.”

Client-Prospect Dinners

If you have a valuable client, show them you appreciate their business by taking them out to dinner. Ask them to bring a friend. You can also sponsor a client recognition dinner and ask guests to bring along someone interested in your service.

Public Seminars And Speaking To Groups

Different professional and social groups welcome guest speakers. Choose a topic that the group can relate to or find interesting in order to increase your chances to gain new clients. Seminars on insurance topics can attract potential customers who are ready to buy.

Mailings And Newspaper Ads

Direct marketing and newspaper ads keep your business visible and in the minds of potential clients. These are also great for promoting seminars or speaking events. Local community newspapers can also be used to advertise your services. web design history

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