Pay-Per-Click advertising: 5 Tips You should Know as a Newbie

Small_Business_MarketingWe’ve put together a quick guide to several of the things pay-per-click is best at, to help you get the most of your online advertising investment.

Getting The Most For Your Insurance Business Out Of Pay-Per-Click

It’s Not A One Stop Shop

When dealing with PPC, the first thing to remember is that it is not the magic bullet it may have once been. PPC should not be your sole online marketing strategy. Instead, it’s best to consider it one tool among many, used when it will be most effective.

Create a Quick Boost

Probably the best single purpose for pay-per-click ads is for creating quick boosts and drives towards your website. PPC is good for when your insurance business has a major event coming up, or you begin a new seasonal promotion. Use it when you don’t need staying power, just an immediate awareness jump.

Increase Your Local Search Presence

PPC is also especially effective with local advertising, since it works alongside your existing offline marketing. Make sure to target local users especially if you have no physical presence at all. Heavily targeting local search means people who are currently on the road will drive to you, and not your competition.

Keep Your Ad Groups Focused

It really is worth the time to set up tightly-focused ad groups early on. You’ll get more actionable data that way, as well as having a much more accurate view of which ads are succeeding with what groups. Pre-planning here will pay off later on.

Constantly try new approaches

With online marketing, there’s no reason to stick to the same strategies for too long. Keep trying new campaigns, different ideas, and unprobed markets with your Pay-per-click ads. Constant experimentation will open up new markets to you and help you refine your approaches for existing markets.


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