Posting: How Often is Too Often? (Part One)

Posting: How Often is Too Often? (Part One)

Thanks to the ease of email and the explosion of digital content, the average American is swamped with thousands of pieces of information and advertising daily. It’s important to get your content out there and be seen. But it’s critical that you protect your agency from becoming spam and follow these suggestions for online content to ensure you aren’t over-posting.

Where and What You Are Posting

All social platforms run on different algorithms. Instagram displays content based on chronology and what Instagram thinks you’d find most interesting. Say for instance a company you follow and your best friend have posted 10 times each since the last time you logged onto Instagram. The feed is going to show you posts from your friend first because you engage with them more on Instagram than with the company you follow.

Facebook displays whatever is most relevant or whichever sponsored ad has the highest bid, and Twitter is completely chronological.

This means if you are posting 5 times a day on each of those platforms, you’ll be posting too much for Instagram. Since Twitter is purely chronological, if you’re not creating sponsored content it’s a good idea to post multiple times throughout the day.

Let Content Breathe

Even if all your content is five-star quality, posting too much content too often won’t allow enough time for your posts to show up in your audience’s newsfeed or give them a chance to read it. Identify your most informative posts and set a schedule for them to be seen.

In the meantime, you should be posting about other happenings around the office. The 3-5-2 (link to the blog that discusses this, How Human is Your Agency) rule is very important in creating engaging content on your page. Your audience wants to engage with your brand online. The 3-5-2 rule is made up of 3 informative posts, 5 posts total through the week, and 2 that are fun, inspirational, or about people. It’s okay to post something slightly off topic. The idea of always selling to your audience is an outdated concept.

No one wants to get labeled as spam. Monitor how much you are posting and how often your audience is engaging in response. How often are you currently posting on your social media accounts? Let us know in the comments.




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