Posting: How Often is Too Often? (Part Two)

Posting: How Often is Too Often? (Part Two)

In Part One of this post, we discussed how often you should be posting each week to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and the types of content you should be creating. With that said, there are times when you should over-post, and other times when it’s okay for your account to go silent for a day or two.

When to Post More

  • News and updates
  • Sales
  • Sudden changes
  • Relevant information

The 5-3-2 rule  we discussed in Part One is a good loose guideline. If something exciting or interesting happens, that’s a good time to make another post even if you already have one post planned for the day. Not everyone views social media pages for deep content. Often it’s used as a way to keep informed about the most recent updates at a company such as holiday hours, unexpected closures, or important policy updates.

Another popular method is using posts to advertise a current sale or promotion. During the time of the sale, you will want to post a lot so that people are aware of the event. Use excess posts to create hype and encourage your audience to join in on the promotion.

Does your agency share other similar content? Social media is a great way to keep your audience engaged by sharing related content such as blogs, posts, and videos. This shows your audience that you are active within your industry.

Posting Less

What is your brand about? If you are an insurance company that specializes in coverage for particular industries, you may not want to post about lines of insurance that aren’t related to the products you offer. Posting irrelevant content can confuse your target audience. This is especially important inside a B2B market. Keeping your content rich and niche-focused demonstrates that your company understands its customer base. This is a common strategy on Instagram. The most successful Instagram accounts are very tidy and follow strict branding rules in terms of style, visuals, and written content. If you feel your company has a lot to say, try to break it down and simplify it.

If you need help with regulating how much content you are putting out, try the 5-3-2 rule and let us know how it works for you. Social media is constantly changing, so some guidelines will work better for your company than others. Leave a comment below to let us know which posting habits have worked for you.

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