How to be a Prepared Agent

MiniCo Insurance Agency - Are You PreparedAs an agent, what do you think is important to your client? How will you be prepared for them?

You should think about how you will be prepared for business every day, and what will you do to get prepared.  Your day depends on how well you “dress for success”.  At MiniCo we believe that there are a few key factors that come into play. We want to help you be prepared for a day full of opportunity and create new ways to grow your business and professionalism.

  1. Wake up in the morning, dress for success and eat a healthy breakfast. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day too. This will keep your mind clear and working to achieve your goals.
  2. Know what you want to accomplish for the day and create an agenda. Go over any appointments you have and when. Make sure you have everything you need to present the right information to your client.
  3. Know your product and be honest; you do not want to present a product to a client if you know very little about what you are offering them. You are creating relationship and you want to gain their trust as well as their respect. If you don’t know the answer to something, make a note and let them know you will find out the right answer for them. Make sure you get the information and update your client.
  4. Believe in your product. Don’t just sell it.
  5. Always be early to your appointments. Have two working pens and blank sheet paper for notes.

If you are prepared, you show others that they should be prepared as well. The better prepared you are, the better perception you will give to your client that you know what you are talking about.  A strong perception can earn you creditability in your industry and help you achieve your future business goals.


Lhea Inzalaco

MiniCo Insurance Agency

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