Protecting your Collectibles at Home from Burglary

It’s always a good idea to have more than one form of protection for the items you value. If you or your clients have invested in valuable collections, burglary may be one of your top concerns. Outside of proper collectibles insurance coverage, we have put together these tips and security measures to help you minimize the risk of loss due to burglary for your valuable items stored at home.

Alarms and Locks

Alarms should be set at all times throughout the day. Many burglaries happen during the day because people aren’t home. Even if you don’t have a security alarm system, it is important to check all doors and locks before leaving and upon arriving home.

Timed Lights

Turning on and off lights is a good indicator that someone is home. Many homes have smart devices or ceiling fans that may have a feature to turn the lights on and off while there is no one home. If you do not have a device that does that, you can purchase an inexpensive timer switch that will do the same thing.

Keep Your Guard Up

Don’t let people you don’t know into your home. If someone is stopping by to service your home, make sure they have proper identification before proceeding.


The best deterrent against burglars is the appearance that people are home. In addition to having the lights turning on and off while you’re away, having someone watch your home is a great idea. You could have them check the mail, water the yard, or take out the trash to give the appearance that the residence isn’t vacant.
Together, all these tips will help reduce the risk of burglary happening at your home. However, some level of risk will always be there. Click here, to learn how MiniCo’s collectibles insurance program can help protect your valuable collectibles from more than just theft. Coverages include accidental breakage, and the policy covers the full collectible value of your items, unlike most homeowner’s policies.

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