Why Should You Provide Coverage for Fine Art to Your Clients

MiniCo - Fine ArtSerious collectors need specialty coverage that protects the full collectible value of their items. Many people have collections that vary from wine to action figures to even lunch boxes! How many of those collectors have an additional policy that covers their fine art and collectibles? Have you educated your client about the coverage they may need? Collectors are passionate about their collections, but they may not have a firm grasp of what their items are actually worth.

Above And Beyond Homeowner’s Insurance Policies

There is a large opportunity for insurance agents and brokers when it comes to specialty coverage insurance. Research shows that many people are not aware of the limited amount of coverage they currently carry for fine arts and other collections in their standard homeowner’s insurance policy. It is up to you as their agent to inform your clients of their risk and make sure they have the best coverage possible. Advise your clients to keep an annual inventory of their collection and inform you of any additions over the past year.

Enhance Your Knowledge of Fine Art & Collectibles

To go beyond the basics when it comes to insurance for collections of fine art and other valuables, agents and brokers can establish relationships with appraisers or join local collectors groups and/or associations in their town. There are also continuing education classes available online for your convenience. Fine art and collectibles is a highly specialized field, and improving your knowledge will help you interact with a client who is an art expert or collector.


Lhea Inzalaco

MiniCo Insurance Agency

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