Finding and Recruiting Great Insurance Agents

Sometimes it is possible to hit a rut when looking for new agents to join your agency. Whether or not you are getting a few resumes from some sources, there are a few additional tactics to try to locate the best candidates for your agency.

Local university job boards

If you are not in a rush or would like to start laying the foundation for future agents or heavily reduce the amount of recruiting you need to do in the future, it may be a good idea to start a relationship with a local university. Many graduates coming out of school will go to the college’s career center for help with job placement. Having a relationship with this center can bring many new candidates to your door. Not to mention that most universities have their own job boards on which you can post different opportunities at no cost.

Going one step further, you can start a paid internship to develop young talent and start training early on. By the time your intern graduates, they’ll be well trained and very familiar with their work environment.

You can also reach out to insurance licensing schools as many graduates are also going to be actively searching for jobs.

Post on Social

If you have an active presence on your social media, you can post there when you are hiring and direct people to send a resume to an email address. Commonly Facebook and LinkedIn are the more appropriate networks on which to post employment opportunities. This can be an especially good idea if you are a local or independent agency with a large number of social media followers in your local area.

Ask Your Current Staff

It’s always important to keep your current employees in the loop when you are hiring additional agents. You never know who they could be connected to, and you should always ask if they have any personal recommendations to fill the slot.

Post on Job Boards

There are a lot of different job boards out there, but one of the most common ones nowadays is Indeed. If you have exhausted your resources or just want to put out the widest net possible, be sure to take advantage of this and other job board services.

Remember recruiting talent is going to take time, but it is also important to respond to applications that are strong as quickly as possible. Those types of candidates are not going to sit and wait for you. Vigilance and patience are both required for a successful recruitment process.


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