Resources For Your Clients: Storm and Disaster Preparation

Small businesses and self-storage facility owners need to be prepared for severe weather and other catastrophic events. A large percentage of businesses severely affected by weather emergencies never reopen.

In addition to adequate insurance coverage, businesses can minimize disruption by planning ahead. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has produced a series of helpful guides for emergency preparedness. These can help your clients to prepare for severe weather events.

Prepare for Emergencies Now: Information for Businesses – A common sense guide that outlines measures business owners and self-storage facility managers can take to be ready for a crisis.

Ready Business Poster – A checklist that covers a range of possible emergencies.

Emergency Response Plan – An overall response plan template to document policies across many key areas.

Business Continuity Plan – A template to help businesses plan ahead so that operations can continue in the event of severe weather or an emergency.

Business Impact Analysis Worksheet – A worksheet to help businesses understand and prepare for the operational and financial impact of a crisis.

Continuity Resource Worksheet – A template to make sure required resources are on hand after severe weather, including office equipment, important records, and raw materials.

Emergency Response Plan Resources – Useful for understanding the potential costs and liabilities across resource categories.

Insurance Review Worksheet – Very useful for independent agents. A worksheet to help your clients make sure they have the right kind of insurance, and that coverages are kept current.

Program Coordinator Committee Worksheet – A template to identify necessary members of an emergency team and compile their contact information.

Risk Assessment Table – A spreadsheet to help businesses and self-storage operators itemize all possible emergency scenarios, their details, and management.

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