How Scheduling Facebook Posts Can Benefit Your Insurance Agency

How Scheduling Facebook Posts Can Benefit Your Insurance Agency

If you want to save time and be more efficient when posting content, then you should be scheduling your insurance agency’s posts. The best part is that you don’t need to work through a third-party website to do it. You can write Facebook posts in advance and schedule them to post in the future. Be aware though, it is simpler to use a third-party application if you are scheduling posts across multiple social media platforms.

Why Schedule Your Posts

Studies have shown that focusing on one task at a time rather than multitasking on multiple projects is a more efficient use of time. Managing social media is a position that will always require multitasking; however, getting a batch of posts written and scheduled will help save you time. Social media is all about finding the right time to post, and that varies for the different days of the week. On a busy day when you are slammed with work, you won’t have to worry about that day’s social media post if you have it already scheduled. The best part is that it’s easy to do.

Scheduling Inside Facebook

  • Simple scheduling
  • More options

Scheduling a post on Facebook is almost exactly like normal posting. While on your agency’s page, create a post like you normally would. Then select “Post Option.” From there you can change the option from “Share Now” to whatever date and time you’d like the post to go out. Scheduling a post through Facebook also gives you more options that online scheduling tools don’t offer.

There also is the option to change up the audience for your post based on demographics, age, and location. Did your agency have a holiday party or event where photos were taken? You can create an album, share those images, and schedule when to post them through Facebook. But remember that Facebook can only schedule posts to be distributed on Facebook.

Using a Third-Party Application

There are applications all over the internet that can schedule your content across multiple social media platforms. This is great because your audiences are active at different times and on different platforms. If your insurance agency has a nationwide market, keep in mind that your content is going to be shown in multiple time zones.

Third-party sites are really helpful when you need to put out a lot of content via multiple accounts. However, when you want to change up the audience you are posting to or want to make your content more creative, you should post through Facebook. After all, scheduling your posts in advance can make your life simpler and your marketing efforts more effective.

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