Secrets to Forming a Great Team of Agents

When it comes to the success of your agency, it is not a solo act. It is your team that raises you up to create success.

The key to high-performing teams is the members’ trust in each other. Without full trust, the team will struggle to make their voices heard and to share insight that could help everyone in the end. In order to build that trust, there are a few things you must do to guide your team.

The first thing is obvious: you need to create psychological safety for each of your employees. Let them know they are valued and that they should have no fear of sharing their opinions. Once they have that assurance, the team will begin to depend on each other. They will be more likely to own up to their mistakes, nicer to their fellow colleagues, and less likely to leave the agency.

Secondly, give their work meaning. Even if someone is working on a very dull, meticulous task, let them know it’s important to overarching projects. This isn’t something you have to do daily or even on every single project someone is working on. However, making sure you do this once in a while can help validate your agents’ work.

If possible, take it one step further and every so often talk about the impact of everyone’s work with the world. Insurance is an important thing in people’s lives, from protecting their belongs to watching out for them while they participate in the sports and activities they enjoy. 

Lead your team as a role model and show them structure and clarity in the workplace. Remember that the most telling times for your employees are not when things are right in the world, but when things could be better.

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  1. Kay Logan

    Your comments are right on target. Every team member brings value to the agency regardless of their experience. Companies where everyone is valued benefit from the collective efforts of the team.


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