Moving Forward: Self-Storage Facilities Adapt New Technologies During Coronavirus Pandemic

Going Touchless

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, now is the time for self-storage operators to implement touchless technologies. Wireless entry systems can be set up allowing tenants to gain access into the facility though the use of an app on their personal mobile devices. This eliminates the need for everyone to use the same keypad at the entrance gate.

Another form of touchless technology includes remote access for storage managers. Facility managers can set up remote-access systems that will allow them to monitor the facility without being present on the property. Remote-access systems that use high-quality surveillance cameras can be used to communicate via linked mobile devices and send alert notifications.

Online Accessibility

Accessibility is everything right now. Many companies are operating completely remotely and online only. Facility owners are able to update their websites to be more mobile friendly and offer new options that were previously available in person only. Give your clients online options to sign up to rent space, pay rent, and communicate with a facility manager. Facility managers can be available via the phone, email, and live online chats to assist clients quickly and efficiently. This ease of access allows operations to continue with fewer people coming onto the facility property. In addition to these services, it is crucial to make your website visually appealing and easy to access.

Daily Safety Measures

Regardless of the precautions taken and new benefits implemented into your business, people will still be on site. After all, that is where their items are stored. Keep your facility stocked with hand sanitizer and use signage throughout the property to promote appropriate safety measures such as wearing masks and observing social distancing.

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