How to Keep Your Self-Storage Unit Secure

Keeping Storage Units Secure

Keep Valuables Safe by Using a Self-Storage Facility

Need extra space at home or the office? Take the items you’re not using and place them into storage! A storage unit is the perfect place to put items that are taking up too much space, that you may eventually want to get rid of, or that are valuable but aren’t currently on display.

Today’s self-storage units are often equipped with multiple security features. Whether you need to put aside some items temporarily or for the long run, these security features can help you have peace of mind knowing your items are being stored securely.

Storage Security

Storage facilities can have different levels of security and safety. However, it has become standard within the self-storage industry for units to be equipped with alarm systems, 24/7 security cameras, and roving security guards. Some facilities offer gates that require a unique access code for each tenant and climate-controlled units. High temperatures and humidity can be damaging depending on the type of valuables you have stored away.

DIY Security

While self-storage facilities do a lot of the work to ensure that your stored items are safe, there are some choices you can make to improve security. Get a lock for your unit that can’t be damaged by bolt cutters. Stainless-steel disc locks with a high number of pins and hardened-steel shackles are an excellent choice for a self-storage unit. Some facilities install cylinder locks on each unit door. These are a popular choice since they can’t be cut off. Another tip is to place your most valuable items at the back of your unit. Burglars don’t spend much time going through a unit. If they manage to break in, they are more likely to just grab what is in plain sight at the front.

In addition to these safeguards, it is important to purchase insurance to protect your stored belongings. Self-storage facilities are not responsible for insuring your items – you are. Ask the facility manager about the insurance program they offer for tenants. MiniCo Insurance Agency offers short-term, affordable insurance for items stored in a self-storage that can be purchased online.


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