Should You Include Videos in Your Insurance Marketing Strategy?

105094119Video can be one of the single most effective of all promotional techniques, and the answer to whether you should use them in your insurance marketing online is an unqualified YES! If you have the ability, videos will attract more visitors, garner more shares, and help drive more leads through your landing page offers.

So, how can you work video into your insurance marketing online strategies? Here are a few quick tips!

Using Video To Promote Your Insurance Online

  • On the home page: A video introduction, front and center at the top of your webpage, creates an instant draw for visitors, as well as giving you a chance to immediately introduce yourself and your products.
  • On landing pages: According to multiple studies, having a video on a landing page can increase your call-to-action conversions by as much as 80%! Keep it straightforward and to the point, preferably under two minutes. This is your chance to describe the offer and tell the visitor exactly why it’s worth getting onto your mailing list.
  • Within blogs: Multimedia can enhance the appeal of your blogs! You might experiment with Vlogs (video blogs), or simply using video to supplement the text. A video slideshow, or animation illustrating a point, can go a long way towards making your blog a popular source of information.
  • On YouTube: Start your own YouTube channel, if you haven’t already. You can put your videos there, gaining extra visibility, as well as encouraging them to be shared through social media. You can then link to these videos from your site, saving on hosting and transfer fees.

Finally, one word of caution: Don’t set your videos to auto-play. Having a video start playing immediately can be disruptive to an online visitor, especially if they’re already listening to music or otherwise don’t want your web site making sounds. Let visitors choose to play your videos, if they want. It’s just polite.

Otherwise, adding video to your insurance marketing online is a great idea, and given how inexpensive video is to produce, there’s no real reason not to do it!

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