Is it Smart to Have Smart Devices in Your Insurance Agency?

Is it Smart to Have Smart Devices in Your Insurance Agency?

As home assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo are becoming common household items, these smart home-device creators are now searching for ways to incorporate this artificial intelligence (AI) into the office. Could you see your agency using these AI assistants?

Hands-Free Assistance

These smart devices all allow you to ask them questions and they search the web for you. The AI is making advances every day to be more fluid and accurate. In addition to searching the web, they can now schedule a meeting, make a phone call, play music, read a story, and even do your online shopping. Some homeowners have installed these devices in multiple rooms. Are there benefits for having a few at the office, too?

In the Office

Amazon Echo produced a video in 2017 demonstrating use in an office setting. A supervisor can use the device to manage several other devices that employees are using. They can also be hooked up to equipment around the office to help diagnose issues with printers or other Internet of Things devices. They may not be the best idea if you’re sharing an office or in an open-floor setup. You wouldn’t want the smart device to overhear a command being spoken to another nearby device.  However, AI assistants are useful when you’re tied up trying to multitask and need that extra hand.

Future Advances

Google recently demonstrated how their AI will perform after an upcoming update. Google Assistant will soon be able to make calls on your behalf and make or reschedule appointments while talking with a human on the other line. AI devices are even learning how to hold human conversations, so having to speak robotically or in specific key phrases to your smart devices will soon become a thing of the past. Google’s Assistant sounds very realistic, and these enhancements are just a hint of how technology is quickly advancing.

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