Social Media Etiquette for Insurance Businesses

Insurance_Marketing_OnlineIf you have an insurance business, you’re doing sales online, and if you’re doing sales online, you need to look at social media for your insurance online marketing.

Most of you have figured that out but, of course, there’s a long road between knowing you should do something, and being able to do itwell. And social media can be a particularly tricky land for newcomers to navigate, as it operates entirely by its own rules, using its own lingo, and rarely tells you about the ins and outs beforehand.

Etiquette is extremely important in social media, since it’s based almost solely in text and voluntary association. There aren’t too many etiquette guides out there, so we thought we’d put together a small one aimed to help with your insurance online marketing. 

Keys To Success When Dealing With People On Social Media

  • Keep it short. Many services like Twitter enforce this automatically, but as a rule: make your message as short and to the point as possible. A good rule of thumb is to match the length of your messages to the general length of other ones posted. 
  • Participate in discussions. The best way to make friends and influence people online is simply to join into discussions that are going on, especially on LinkedIn. You can’t wait around for people to discover you online; in social media you have to reach out.
  • Don’t always talk about yourself. This is probably more strictly followed in many social sites than in face-to-face discussions. The occasional and relevant bit of self-plugging is fine, but on the whole, you’re expected to be honestly contributing to the discussions.
  • Take criticism at face value. When a customer is criticizing an element of your product, it is probably simply that they want to buy a better product. See if their complaint is something you can address. Discuss it with them.
  • Be honest. This is another physical world/virtual world difference. Online, anything you say can and likely will be fact-checked by many people. Being caught as a liar plays very poorly online. BE HONEST.
  • Be ready for quick response. Social media moves quickly. The best time to respond is Now. Dragging your feet ends conversations, or lets bad situations become worse.  Don’t delay – you often have to go with your gut. Best bet is respond as soon as possible, or at least within the hour. 
  • Never, ever get into confrontations. Getting into public arguments that are heated never reflects well on anyone involved. Being able to defuse a situation with aplomb will make you friends.

Go Social

Social media marketing is inexpensive, and gives you incredible opportunities to connect with businesses and customers alike. Just learn a little online etiquette, and you’ll be boosting your insurance online marketing quickly!

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