It’s 2019, What’s Your Social Media Plan?

Considering that it’s 2019, you should have all your social media accounts set up by now. The next step is to create a plan for your social media. So much happens every week, and you need to be documenting it all. How else will you know what works or doesn’t work for you?


There are many ways for an agency to schedule posts. Facebook has a built-in option that allows business pages to schedule accounts. Instagram as a similar feature, but the app won’t post automatically; you can only save a draft and post it later. If your agency is running accounts on multiple social media platforms, then you need to be using a third-party application to do your scheduling. Scheduling a post for four different accounts once a day can take a lot of time. With sites like HubSpot and Hootsuite, you’ll be able to easily manage all of your accounts and schedule posts in one place.

AB Testing

AB testing means creating two different ads that are exactly the same but one has a different option selected than the other. For example, the audience, text, or visual media of your ad could be what’s different. You will want to run both ads at the same time to see which one is performing better. Facebook makes setting up AB testing pretty easy within their ad center. Use this method of testing when trying out new ad campaigns so you know what will work best for you

Insights and Analytics

Part of your social media plan should include your insights and analytics. If your account is set up as a business account, then you will have access to these features on every platform. Click here to read more about how using data properly for your insurance agency can help you grow. This data will help you determine whether you’re reaching the right audience and how the community is engaging with your content.

Have a Goal

All of the tips discussed above are very important parts of a powerful social media plan. However, you also need to have goals that define a bigger picture. Think about your insurance agency’s three biggest events. Start  with those events as ways to engage more with social media and improve the outcomes of those events.

Social media is a very fluid tool. You need to monitor and take notes on what you’re doing, what it’s costing, and how your audience is reacting. These all become key factors in understanding your audience and the content you are putting out. If you’re not tracking your posts weekly and taking notes on them, you’re not going to be fully harnessing the power of your social channels. Follow these tips for a more prosperous new year!

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