Your Insurance Agency Needs a Social Media Policy

4 Benefits of Creating a Social Media Policy

Social media plays a critical role in the promotion and growth of an insurance agency. That is why it’s so important for it to be done right. By creating a social media policy, you’re establishing a clear set of guidelines and rules, ensuring your entire agency is onboard with your goals and objectives. The following are four benefits to creating an agency-wide social media policy.

  1. Encourages employees to participate.

    A well-developed social media policy helps employees understand how to properly promote your agency. It also empowers them to become active participants in sharing company news and other types of content. In your policy, be sure to establish rules for proper social media engagement and make it easy for employees to share.

  1. Safeguards against mistakes.

    The potential for errors is always present online. Negative comments, inappropriate language, or the unintentional disclosure of agency or client confidential information can be detrimental to your reputation as well as create serious legal issues. A social media policy can outline potential threats while providing instructions on how to avoid these types of issues.

  2. Provides a clear understanding of your agency’s culture.

    Social media is a great tool for promoting the culture and values of your agency. Establishing rules for how employees engage on social media makes it easy for everyone to reinforce your brand and culture online, while better safeguarding your agency from negativity or reputational damage.

  3. Establishes social media usage.

    Today, everyone is connected. In your social media policy, include guidelines for when it is acceptable to use social media during agency hours as well as sites to avoid.

Remember, it’s never too late to create a social media policy. By doing so, you can ensure consistency and have confidence knowing that everyone is following the same guidelines.

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