Benefits of Sports and Activity Insurance that Insurance Agents and Clients Should Know

The Benefits of Sports and Activity Accident Insurance for Insurance Agents and Clients

Being covered with insurance is the safest way to run any business. If your clients engage in activities that involve sports, camps, or any form of physical activity, it is essential for them to be covered with sports and activity accident insurance.

Benefits for Clients

When partaking in physical activities or organized events, accidents can happen and people can end up hurt. Businesses, clubs, schools, and religious organizations need to have insurance that will protect participants at these types of events. With sports and activity insurance, everyone involved with the activity is covered by the policy to include players, coaches, and volunteers. The policy provides coverage for those who have other insurance as well as those who do not.

Sports and activity accident insurance can provide coverage for a wide range of events and activities such as field trips, company outings, sports, camps, daycare, and more. Coverage is available for one-time events and recurring activities.

Benefits for Agents

Sports and activity insurance from MiniCo Insurance Agency makes it quick and easy for you to get a quote, purchase, and print a policy. We offer customizable options to fit a wide range of organizations. Our online quoting portal puts this important coverage at your fingertips.

  • Get a quick quote
  • Easy online portal for self-service quoting and binding
  • No underwriter needed for standard coverages
  • Competitive agent commissions

Whether your clients need sports and activity insurance for religious activities, sports, camps, or school activities, MiniCo has you covered. In addition to our 44 years of experience as a managing general agency offering multiple specialty insurance products, MiniCo continuously maintains the highest standards of customer service and claims handling.

Click here for more information or visit our FAQ page for more information about sports and activity accident insurance.


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