Some Stats that Will Change the Way You Approach Lead Generation

Stats from Hubspot

There is a common misunderstanding that taking advantage of any form of social media requires potentially hiring a new team member or shelling out a large sum of money to a marketing agency. While these actions may help produce better results, you can start seeing benefits from social media by simply working at it for an hour a day.

Not every lead generation tactic is going to work for your agency. You have to be willing to explore new ideas and fail a few times until you find something that works for your audience and your coverages. Check out our recent blog if you are struggling to come up with new ways to generate leads

It seems that for a majority of marketers, allocating the largest portion of their budget to lead generation is working or else they probably wouldn’t be investing in it. However, many people are still holding off or spending money elsewhere.

One thing they could do is focus their money on brand awareness and not directly on lead generation. Having strong brand awareness in a niche industry can be very important to building a good clientele. If you can make your agency recognizable in this way – even at a smaller local market – it could go a long way toward increasing your ROI.

Some businesses may be in a growth and experimentation phase where they haven’t achieved results from their lead generation efforts that have pushed them to want to invest further. If this is the case, they may invest more in lead generation efforts once they find their marketing sweet spot.

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