Are You Staying Healthy Sitting at Your Desk?

Did you know that the average office worker will spend up to 10 or more hours a day sitting at the office or at home? This sedentary lifestyle has been linked to diabetes, obesity, cancer, and depression. None of these things helps us to sell insurance or to live happy, fulfilled lives. Yet as agents we can feel chained to our desks. If you are one of the many who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle at the workplace, here are a few ideas on how to make this happen even if you have to work at a cube

Change Your Desk

There are many different ways you can change your desk to promote a more active lifestyle. Nowadays, many people are opting for a standing/sitting desk. These desks are designed with an electric motor to raise the level of the desk so you can stand while you work. There are many other alternatives as well such as  foot pedals under your desk letting you pedal away while answering emails.

Walking Meetings

Change up your typical Monday meeting with your team by holding a walking meeting. If what you generally discuss requires more of a sitting conference room environment, then try to use these walking meetings as time to catch up with each other personally to improve the relationship among team members. Plus, there’s something about taking a short walking break that can energize and motivate everyone to get a lot of work done.

Team Pedometer Challenges

While some members of your team may already have their own fitness tracking devices, most smartphones have some pedometer functionalities. Setting team challenges at your workplace may provide a fun competition outside of the usual sales and lead goals. Plus, it may help get everyone thinking about how much they are moving in the office space. If you can incentivize the competition, you may see more engagement from your team.

Remember the biggest hurdle to overcome is being aware of how much of your time is spent being sedentary. From there you simply need to start taking the steps to become more active. Increased activity is not only great for your health but also for your productivity!

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