Staying Sharp While Working From Home

Whether you’re working from home on a regular basis or because of the pandemic, it is important to keep up your skills. You may notice that you have a completely different pattern to your day and get things done in a different way as compared to when you were working at the office. Thankfully technology makes it easy to transition into working from home, but after an extended period it may be time for a few tips to keep you sharp as a tack.

Stay Positive

There are always a lot of changes happening in the world. Being at home can lead to loneliness and negativity. Try finding the bright side to incoming news and managing your workload. Taking things one step at a time is easier than trying to grasp the whole picture. Don’t let uncertainty overwhelm you.

Contact Your Clients

Your clients should always be your top priority. Give them a call and check in on how they are doing. Keeping up relationships with your clients will show that that you care about them as individuals and not just for business purposes. Take the time to relate and listen to what they have to say at both personal and professional levels.

Communicate with your Co-Workers

Just because you’re not eating together in a communal cafeteria or able to stop by your favorite co-worker’s office, it doesn’t mean you still can’t chat. Interpersonal relationships are an important to office life and your job. If working at home has you feeling lonely, give your favorite co-workers a call! It’s good to check in and catch up on how others are doing. Zoom meetings and emails are fine, but they aren’t quite the same as a genuine conversation.
A lot goes into being a sharp insurance agent. It’s not always about the information you know. A lot of it has to do with communication and how you and the people around you are feeling. Keep yourself in tune to your relationships with your clients and co-workers. It boosts productivity on a business level and helps maintain interpersonal relationships as well.

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