Storing Clothing: On and Off Season

Clothes take up a lot of room whether you live in a home or an apartment. Insufficient storage space is a common problem for many people. Oftentimes the culprit is having too many clothes stuffed into a closet. This can lead to messy-looking bedrooms, oversized piles of laundry, and over-flowing closets that could be used for other items. Before you decide to get rid of all your clothes, consider organizing them seasonally and storing off-season clothing safely in a storage unit. Doing so will help keep your clothes looking nice and create a more organized closet space at home.

Benefits to Storing in a Storage Unit

  • Climate control
  • Off-site storage
  • Bulk storage options
  • Proper care

If you’ve ever wanted a giant walk in closet, look no further than your rented self-storage unit. You can rent a unit just for clothing or even section off a part of your current storage unit and turn it into a closet. Many storage units come with climate-control options so you don’t have to worry about extreme hot and cold temperatures damaging fibers in your delicate clothes. There’s no need to take up space at home for items you’re not using, so you might as well store out-of-season clothes in your self-storage unit and put the space at home to a more meaningful use. The large variety of unit sizes allows you to rent the space you need and store items in a less condensed manner.

Storing Items in Clear Bins

  • Prevents vermin damage
  • Visible contents
  • Easy to label
  • Easy to organize

Storing items in clear plastic bins offers many benefits for your clothing. You can see through them and easily stack and rearrange the boxes. This also makes it easy to create an inventory of your stored items, which benefits your overall organization and can help in the event of damage resulting in an insurance claim. Some self-storage facilities will install hanging racks in your rented unit for a small fee, so you can really create a walk-in closet!

What’s easier, getting a bigger closet or using the space in your self-storage unit as a closet? Do you use your storage unit as a closet? Share your favorite clothing storage tips with us in the comments below!

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  1. Alice Carroll

    I like that you mentioned that bulk storage is one things to take advantage of when renting a self storage unit. I’m planning to store away a lot of my book bit I don’t want to sell them yet. Maybe it would be best to just get them into a climate-controlled storage to make sure that the page wouldn’t turn brown so fast.


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