Strategies For Increasing Insurance Sales

Do you have excellent insurance products and services, but a consistent lack of sales? Your root problem could be anything from a confusing sales message to an inability to consistently close new business over the phone. Whatever it is that’s stifling your success, you can integrate the following sales techniques to attract the right people to your business, sell more to current clients, and ultimately make more sales.

Is The Price Right?

In order to succeed in any business, you need to research your competition. You do not want to deviate too far from the average price. If you are selling an expensive product, you need to be prepared to put on a show for your customers. If you can offer a better presentation than your competition, customers are more likely to pay a higher price.

Learn To Negotiate

Professional negotiators are well versed in making a deal. One strategy is to find a middle ground that will make everyone happy with the outcome. Great negotiators have these three characteristics:

  • They ask direct questions
  • They are prepared for the unexpected
  • They are patient

Focus On Long-Term Customers

Making new sales is only part of the plan. Focus on building and maintaining a strong relationship with the customer. As an insurance agent, the advisory service you bring to your customers will make your products more valuable to them.

Keep Your Customers In The Loop

Many times, insurance customers simply want the best premium and good coverage. But beyond that, you can keep existing customers longer by regularly communicating with them. When possible, you could make a simple phone call to check in. Email makes this even easier. A monthly newsletter can help keep clients engaged with special resources and product updates.

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