Strengthening Your Agency with a Non-Profit Partnership

While it may be standard operations for larger companies, smaller independent insurance agencies might not consider partnering with a local nonprofit. Or, if you have, you may have felt overwhelmed at the prospect of developing and executing a cause partnership, despite the benefits.

With your close connection to the community in which you operate, your agency may be in a prime position to have a naturally successful nonprofit partnership. A local alliance doesn’t have to be an extremely elaborate or overly demanding undertaking. There are a number of ways that your agency can participate with a nonprofit, and many of them are fairly simple to organize.

Possible Partnership Ideas

  • Sponsor an event. Your agency can sponsor some or all of a nonprofit’s event, including a fundraiser or other awareness-generating event.
  • Fund drives. Agency staff can join in a community fund drive. You could consider making a donation of your own at the same time.
  • Collaborations and alliances. Similar to business-to-business alliances, these creative arrangements could include collaboration between your business and a number of nonprofits with a shared mission.

The Benefits of Working with a Cause in Your Community

  • A stronger brand and reputation, with increased levels of customer and employee engagement.
  • Free media coverage. A distributed press release can result in free publicity and branding for your business. Social media amplifies this effect as well.
  • Personal well-being and professional development. Not only does working with a cause feel good, you can also expand professionally in the process of working with a nonprofit.

Some Keys to a Successful Cause Partnership

  • Take time to build trust and be clear about the expected benefits to each party.
  • Communicate frequently to develop clear roles and accountabilities.
  • Stay open and be willing to adapt as the partnership evolves.


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