Traits That Make a Successful Insurance Agent

3 Traits That Make a Successful Insurance Agent

There are a lot of elements that go into being an insurance agent. It takes a lot of work, and isn’t an ideal job for just anyone. Successful agents know how to put in the time, work independently, and educate clients about the coverage they need. Although effective insurance agents bring many skills to their work, these three traits are definite must-haves for success in the insurance industry.

  1. Self-motivation

    You are responsible for doing your own work and bringing in your own clients. Your clients won’t just come to you. Insurance agents spend many hours investigating leads and building their clientele. You need to know how to stay organized and on track. Every day can be very different, but you are the only person responsible for your success.  Be eager, work hard, and take each day as a new challenge.

  2. Resilience

    Insurance agents have good days and bad days. Sometimes leads fall through, someone leaves you a bad review, or things just don’t go your way. A successful insurance agent must know how to learn from the hard days and keep right on moving forward. Figure out what went wrong, make some changes, and try again. Rejection is common. Effective agents learn over time how to identify and pursue strong leads.

  3. Great Communicator

    Once a connection is made, it is an agent’s job to communicate effectively with their clients. It’s one skill to find leads and another to turn those leads into clients and maintain those relationships. Clients need an agent who can explain risks and identify the right coverage to provide protection. A successful insurance agent knows how to build a personal relationship with each client and offer effective assistance whenever they are in need.

Whether these three skills come naturally to you or not, it’s always a good idea to work on improving them. They can help you find new prospects and continually improve your relationships with your existing clients.


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