Sustainability in the Workplace

Businesses are known for creating a lot of pollution and waste. When at the office, it’s easy to feel like eco-friendly choices are out of your hands. But that’s not true. Although many office buildings have their own way of doing things, there are still ways your actions can make an impact. Sustainability doesn’t have to happen only at home. Here are some practices you can try out at work.

Paper Conservation

• Using plates and real cutlery
• Using fewer paper towels
• Printing on both sides of paper

Recycling isn’t always an option at work. If you’re at a facility that doesn’t offer the option to recycle, you can still make a difference by limiting your paper usage. Try swapping out single-use paper plates with ones that can be washed and reused. When using the restroom, limit paper towel use to just one or two. Paper is the most commonly used office supply. Choosing to share documents online instead of printing them can make a big difference. The same goes for printing documents on both sides.

Reusable Items

• Water bottles
• Refillable pens
• Dishware and cutlery

Reusable tumblers and water bottles are very popular right now! Invest in one instead of relying on single-use water bottles. Also consider using refillable pens. They’re more affordable, reduce plastic waste, last longer, and often work better than cheaper pens that can dry up easily. Again reusable dishware can really save money in the long run and helps with reducing unnecessary waste. If your place of work does not offer reusable dishes, consider bringing a set from home to keep it at your desk.

Setting an example with the actions you take at work can help to encourage the people around you to do the same. Recycling may be difficult in the workplace, but hopefully these tips will offer you new ways to a positive impact on your environment. Does your workplace practice any of these sustainability tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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