Team Building Post-Pandemic

Over the past 18 months, we have seen the world around us change and affect our daily lives. Then we transitioned to work from home, and now many are transitioning to full-time and part-time schedules back at the office. This shake-up in work routines is a great reminder to take an afternoon or a day to reconnect with your team members. Team building helps employees grow together and become more efficient. For some, it may take some getting used to being around coworkers again. Here are some team bonding tips to help you and your coworkers get back into the swing of working together again.

Reconnecting Through Games

This may sound silly, especially for team members who have been working together for a long time or are more seasoned in their careers; however, it’s good to start things on a lighter note. These two games can be done virtually or in the same room.

Show and Tell may sound like something limited to elementary school, but a lot happens over a year. Your coworkers may have had new experiences or picked up new hobbies. This gives them an opportunity to talk about something they really care about or enjoy doing that not everyone knows about.

Gartic Phone is a game you probably haven’t heard of. It’s free online, and you can have up to 30 people playing at once. All you need is a smart phone and your hand! It’s like the games telephone and Pictionary put together. You create a phrase or scene, which is randomly given to someone else. That person receives it as a drawing prompt. Then the next person receives the drawing and has to guess what the prompt was. This continues for a few minutes, and the end results are always engaging.

Office Outing

  • Luncheon to Go
  • Walk in the Park

Team building doesn’t have to be a workshop or a formal event. That can take a lot of time to put together and may be a bit of challenge if your office is still social distancing. After being a part for a year, it is important to spend time with your coworkers. Take a lunch together. If your whole team isn’t comfortable going out to eat, you can order pick-up or delivery. If the weather is nice, you can take the food with you for a walk together or a picnic at a nearby park. Even though many of us spent a year or more out of the office, it’s still good to get out and have a break at some point during the work day.

Have you thought about doing any team building or bonding exercises when everyone returns to the office? What would you try with your team? Let us know in the comments!

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