The Art of Video Conferencing

Earlier in 2020 everyone knew about video conferences, but now more than ever business professionals are attending video meetings on a regular basis, sometimes from the comfort of home. The basics of hosting a video conference can be confusing, especially if you’re using multiple types of video software. The most common platform is Zoom, but this guide will help you practice appropriate video conferencing etiquette with any software you are using.

Pre-Meeting Setup

• Familiarize yourself with the program

Most of these programs look similar and like to hide options under toolbars that move or disappear. It is important to open up the program at least half an hour before your meeting to familiarize yourself with the functionality so you’re not fumbling around while the meeting is ongoing.

• Learn to mute

When a mic is idle and no one is speaking, it can still pick up sounds in the room. These sounds could be static, clicking from a keyboard or nearby ceiling fan, or other noises you may not be aware of. Because of this, it is proper etiquette to mute yourself as soon as you enter a meeting so that you don’t create unnecessary noise or interference. Depending on the number of attendees, static feedback can really add up. Learn keyboard shortcuts so you can easily toggle the mute button on and off when it is your turn to speak.

• Test mic and camera

Be sure to test out your mic and camera before a meeting starts. This ensures that everything is working properly and there won’t be any technical interference during the meeting.

Bonus tips

• Keep things professional
• Don’t fidget too much
• Invest in a tripod for mobile use

Programs like Zoom have fun features that can allow you to use filters and change the background. If you decide to use these features, be sure to figure out beforehand how to toggle them on and off. Also, be sure not to select anything as your background that could be too distracting. Moving around too much can cause your video stream to appear blurry, and others may not be able to see you clearly. Remember to dress professionally even when doing video at home. The camera is always watching, so if you stand up to get something people in the meeting will see your whole outfit. And lastly, if you find yourself using your phone as your primary device, rather than a computer, you can invest in a small tripod. These are cheap, easy to find, and can hold your device at a flattering angle so you don’t have to hold it in your hand during the entire meeting.

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