The Importance of Insuring an Art Collection

If you are an avid collector of fine art, you have an eye for detail and value. Whether the medium is an original print, oil on canvas, marble sculpture, or something else, it’s important to protect those pieces and preserve their value. Insuring your art is a great way to preserve the value of your collection throughout various unfortunate circumstances that may occur.

Why have collectibles insurance?

A standard homeowner or renter’s insurance policy usually caps coverage at a specific limit. A high-value or extensive art collection could easily max out your limit if you were to file a claim. MiniCo Collectibles Insurance offers coverage up to $1,000,000 with higher limits available. MiniCo can insure your collection for its full collectible value. In the event of a loss such as burglary, fire, or breakage, a collectibles policy insures that the value of your collection stays protected.

Flexible storage locations

Look for a collectibles insurance policy that insures your art wherever it may be. Your collection does not have to be on display in a gallery or at your home. It can be covered even if it’s in storage, in transit, or on display as part of an exhibition.

You have insurance for you home, car, and business; you should have it for your precious valuables as well. Just like art, insurance comes in all shapes and sizes. MiniCo Collectibles Insurance is customizable to fit all sorts of collections of many different values and includes a $0 deductible. Click here to learn more about what MiniCo has to offer and get a quote today!

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