The Power of Email Marketing

Insurance_Email_MarketingDespite many attempts to proclaim its demise, the truth is, email is far from dead. It’s still with us, it’s just becoming a backbone of our communications – like the postal mail – rather than a primary focus. Even with all the rush to embrace new technologies and ideas like social media, there’s still plenty of appeal in regular emails for insurance businesses.

Why? Well, to start with, email has advantages over most other online communication formats.

The Benefits of Robust Email Marketing For Your Insurance Business

What’s so great about email? Well, for starters, it’s long-form. You aren’t restricted to a paragraph or a couple sentences – you can send full-fledged materials to customers through email. That gives you far more room and flexibility to display your message and getting information across to the viewer.

This might seem like stating the obvious, but in the world of social media, it’s easy to forget about having longer discussions.

The tradeoff, of course, is that for such a longer discussion to happen, the recipient needs to want it. Their inbox is filled with people pleading for their time. You have to be that much better than everyone else that you’re worth devoting a few minutes to.

If you overcome that barrier, however, email is a perfect format to talk about the insurance business.

Talking About The Insurance Business By Email

You can’t explain premiums and deductions over Twitter. Email gives you a direct outlet to the customer where there is room to explain in depth what you do. It seems like this is hard to find in insurance marketing these days. If you turn on your TV, insurance firms are just competing to see who can be the most wacky or “meta” for the sake of emotional appeal.

Somewhere along the line, prospects and existing customers both are going to need the real information to decide matters that don’t involve computer-generated mascots. Email is your outlet to discuss these things with your customers, both in mass format and in one-on-one discussions.

Monthly or quarterly emails among your contacts and leads is a great way to stay in touch, and remind them of services that are relevant to the upcoming season.

Leverage Targeted Email Marketing

As you grow your list of leads, you’re going to begin to establish a considerable database of lead information. This gives you a great tool to use in reaching out to potential new clients.

Rather than writing one email intended for a thousand, ten emails each targeted at precise groups of a hundred will almost always get better results. Again, it goes back to making the message relevant to the viewer – to get someone to read an email, they have to feel like it’s meant for them and not a demographic blob representing millions of people.

Leverage your data to construct emails that are meaningful to the people receiving them. If there’s a golden rule to email marketing, that’s it.

Boost Your Insurance Business With Email Marketing

Don’t forget about tried-and-true methods when dealing with your online outreach. Every communications medium has its own benefits, and everyone can be leveraged as part of your marketing campaigns. Using email as part of this will help grow your insurance business.

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