Think email Marketing is Dead? Think Again

Insurance_Agent_MarketingAt this point, we wish the doom-sayers would just knock it off – no, email is not going to die.

In fact, over eighty-five percent of the population has email. The world population, that is.

Email has truly become the successor to the old postal mail. It’s the stolid, forgettable, totally reliable resource that connects everyone and tends to get overlooked in the rush to try out the latest and greatest new gimmicks.

And as long as over six billion people have an email address, we’re going to keep finding ways to market to them. Email is still a vital part of your insurance marketing campaigns, and it’s still got some unique uses in 2013.

Working Email Into Your 2013 Online Insurance Marketing Strategies

Update Your Templates
Mobile has taken over online design in a big way, and your emails should keep pace with these trends when you’re competing for eyeballs. Look into implementing responsive web design to standardize the experience across screens of all sizes. Also, you should do away with sidebars. Your email should be one “scroll” straight down without much distraction besides the links.

This gives you the clean, flat design which is currently popular. Consider also implementing parallax elements, but only if they work with mobile browsers. It’s not worth losing eyeballs for the sake of special effects. (Remember when Flash pages took minutes to load?)

Be Finger-Friendly
Basically, make everything a bit bigger. Don’t rely on users being able to click tiny text links. Important links and calls-to-action should be placed under big buttons that thumbs can still find. This is another reason to avoid sidebars, since that’s also where mobile users are likely going to be scrolling.

Use The Personal Touch
Consumers at large are not happy with Big Data in any form right now, and probably should not be reminded of the data you’re collecting on them. Keep your emails personal for the rest of the year. Use them to catch up with old clients, maintain connections, and to craft pitches especially tailored to your best insurance marketing leads.

Remember that Email can still be one of the most personal of online media, since it is still basically private – at least compared to Facebook. Utilize that. Make it the place where you reach out with custom-tailored emails and messages that clearly were not designed for hundreds of eyes.

Make Them Bookmark It
Since you can’t really control when someone is going to see your email, you may be catching them when they only have a moment. Look to use both the subject line and the first lines of text afterwards to immediately grab their attention to the point they’ll bookmark it, StumbleUpon it, or otherwise mark it for later reading.

Email Lives!

Email will live on as long as we have inboxes. We’ll probably still have it a century from now, just as we’re still delivering letters by hand today. Don’t abandon your email strategies! If you keep them fresh, they’re still a powerful tool in your insurance marketing playbook!

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