Tips for Cross-Selling Your Insurance

New clients are critical for your agency’s success, but are you realizing the full potential of your existing customers? Once a customer commits to purchasing an insurance policy from you, it can be easier to sell additional insurance to them as opposed to finding a new client. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to up your cross-selling game.

Offer Targeted Products

Make sure you are offering your clients something that is relevant to their needs. Try to keep clients on separate drip campaigns or attach notes on their profiles about other plans they may need so that you’ll know which topics to push during your next contact.

Ask Questions During Quoting

Related to the last tip, make sure to ask questions while giving clients their insurance quotes. Maybe they came in for self-storage insurance, but they’re actually storing a large amount of valuable fine art. This is the perfect, organic time to bring up collectibles insurance. Don’t miss out on opportunities because you did not get to know the needs of your customers.

Follow Up

If you missed the mark for the cross-sell during a client’s initial purchase, do not just write it off as a missed opportunity. Take the time to follow up with your client and stay activity engaged with them.

Solidify Your Relationship

Encourage clients to like your agency’s Facebook page after getting a quote or after all the papers have been signed. This is a nice way to keep that follow up, especially when you may not have the time to reach out to all your current clients. It’s a nice subtle way to stay in their minds. There are other ways to do this, too, especially if you do not have enough time to call each of your past clients all that often. Other ideas you can try are opting in for automated holiday or birthday cards, or sending out a quarterly newsletter updating them on new policies.

Through these tips, you may be able to convert clients to a second or third purchase, but an equally valuable result is creating a positive, active relationship that could lead to referrals and future sales.

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