Tips on Updating your Insurance Image

Insurance_WebsiteToday, image matters more than ever in insurance agent marketing. To successfully stand out in a very crowded market, your promotional materials should be doing more than just listing your products and specialties. They should be building an image and a brand, giving people a reason to pick you and not some other agent they’re researching online.

So let’s talk briefly about ways to update your image and make your firm more attractive to people looking to buy insurance – especially the ever-fickle Gen-X and Gen-Ys, who are also an ever-growing market among insurance agents.

How Your Image Ties Into Your Insurance Agent Marketing

One unfortunate byproduct of so many major insurance companies becoming known by their comical spokespeople is that it perpetuates the idea that insurance policies are a parity product. After all, the implication is that people are picking insurance based on who makes them laugh more.

However, if you’re not a company with millions of customers, that sort of approach just won’t cut it. People researching you online want information and tend to get annoyed at the excess of style-over-substance in insurance advertising.

A persona that’s approachable, informative, with a bit of personality will draw in those online customers.

Three Steps To Improving Your Insurance Agent Marketing Image

1. Always be honest.
Credibility is everything online, and companies that get reputations for misleading copy or false promises will quickly pay the price. Today’s wired consumers have the vast majority of the world’s knowledge at their fingertips, and won’t hesitate to fact-check.

2. Make things understandable.
Insurance is complex business. Focus on content and marketing that makes your products as relate-able and understandable as possible. Blogs and videos aimed at breaking down thorny policy questions into presentations a layman can understand are great for building your credibility, as well as building trust.

3. Try to be a little entertaining.
Insurance is a dry subject. Slip in a joke here or there. Use lolcat memes for illustrations. Quote your favorite movies. Throw in something that will help keep peoples’ interest, without distracting from an overall informative presentation. Some laughs help the sale.

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