Training New Insurance Hires

Once you have recruited agents to join your agency, you are going to have to give them the tools they need to be successful. Remember, the more support you are able to give your staff the more effective they will be at their jobs. If you wait for your employees to figure it out on their own, then you may experience a high turnover rate at your agency.

Sales training

If you pride your agency on always reaching sales goals, then you need to take the time to train  your new agents. It would be great if you could pair them with an experienced agent who performs well, someone who would be comfortable with giving tips and advice. You can also take them aside and do a few role-play exercises with them in a one-on-one setting.


Another option is to pair a new agent with a senior-level staff member who will act as their mentor. Make sure you know their career goals and try to align them with a mentor who not only can help them in their current role but can help push them toward the path they would like to pursue in the future. Doing this helps build relationships and will help your new hire to see this job as an attainable career path.


If you’ve been in the business long enough, you probably already have a literal library of knowledge at your disposal. While you probably should not hand your new agent five books as they walk into the door on the first day, you may want to have at least one book to give them as a reference guide. Do not be hurt or angry if they seem like they’re not going to read it. Everyone learns in different ways, and this is just another opportunity for them. It should not be your only training method.


Send your new hires to networking events and conferences. Chances are that some of your veterans may be tired of hearing the same presentations over again, and it shows your new hire that you are really invested in their future and their growth as an agent. Giving them the opportunity to go out and connect with other agents is valuable and can be a great learning experience for anyone.

The biggest takeaway is to sincerely demonstrate that you care about the agents working for you. There is always more to learn and training never officially ends, so make it a positive event within your workplace. If your team sees you pushing yourself, they will continue to believe in each other and strive to grow into better agents.

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