Traits of a Great Insurance Agent

What do you do as an insurance agent to go above the norm for your clients? There is more than likely a certain trait that you carry and value that helps you accomplish this task every day. It is important to be aware of these traits and incorporate them into your work routine more often. It also can help if you are ever in charge of a hiring decision, so you’ll know exactly what to look for in a potential recruit.

Here are some traits that create great insurance agents:

Clear and Concise Communication

Without being able to communicate to a potential client, there is no chance that they are going to convert into a customer. Talking about insurance and going into a lot of technical jargon can be intimidating for some clients. Being able to communicate insurance so that it makes sense for all parties is the one of the greatest gifts you can have as an agent.


There will be moments when customers can get frustrated, and there will be plenty of moments where they are being presented with something they don’t understand. It’s important to retain patience, even if you are repeating yourself for the fourth time. You are ultimately there to help your client, so you need to be able to remain calm yourself and help them through any confusion.

Positive Language

This can take a bit of practice, but some people are naturally more inclined to speak with positive language. Minor changes like turning the response “no problem” into “definitely” can help stop the low-level stress that negative words can send to the brain. Practice this daily with co-workers and you will improve your customer service.

Practicing these traits or introducing them to your workplace will improve your service as an insurance agent and help to both attract new customers and retain current clients.

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