Turning On Your Twitter to Offer Support

Twitter is one of the most popular ways people are reaching out for support and help with various brands and companies. It is even a popular way for people to get in contact with insurance agents and agencies. It is an opportune place to be connected and to engage with clients. By using the platform, you can quickly answer questions, respond to comments, and build your community.

However, did you know that you can indicate that your account is available for support and active during business hours to give quick responses?

Go to the business settings page, available here. 

On this page, you’ll be able to add business settings including the ability to receive support messages. Once you’ve indicated that you can get support messages, your account will feature a little notice underneath your name that says “Provides support.” If you wish, you can also indicate your hours of service, showing that users may receive a quicker response during these listed times.

After you have all this in place, be sure to stay active on Twitter and turn on notifications in case you get a message or need to respond to a question. Customers are going to expect you to respond quickly, much as you would react to a missed phone call. Also be sure that you are not just monitoring your messages and hashtags. Sometimes clients will not tag the name and still expect you to be able to find it.

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