Twitter Best Practices For Insurance Agents

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms and is an active network for insurance and financial services. It has become a new way for the insurance industry to reach clients, and, while meeting in person can’t be replaced, Twitter can be used to strengthen existing relationships and nurture leads.

Business-to-consumer companies in the insurance industry are leading the growing presence of insurers on Twitter, and many brands have achieved good customer service reputations. However, business-to-business brands haven’t embraced social media as quickly. If you are new to Twitter, you can follow these tips to get started:

Set Up A Professional Twitter Account

The first step is signing up for a free Twitter account on a computer through the Twitter app. Make sure that all of your bio information, header background and profile picture represent you as a professional. This account should remain separate from any personal accounts that you create in the future. Next, use Twitter to search for your co-workers and clients, and click “Follow” so that you can see their tweets. You can also find insurance organizations and leaders in the industry by searching for key terms such as “insurance agent.”

Get Involved

Over the next few days, read some posts from other professionals in the insurance industry to get a feel for what to talk about, or “tweet.” You could share some of your own observations and news. Keep the character count below the 140 limit by using services such as or for adding links. When you share information, make sure that you aren’t promoting your own content. You can achieve this by asking questions or starting conversations about something you read that may interest other industry professionals.

Become Familiar With Twitter Terms

The last tip is learning the terms and abbreviations so that you can reduce your character count further and reach a wider audience. For example:

  • The hashtag is represented with the symbol “#” before a word or one-word phrase that puts tweets in categories. People can search via hashtag to discover your tweets.
  • Retweeting (RT) is simply sharing other people’s posts.
  • The “@” symbol indicates a username, like “@YourName.”

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