Twitter: Is It Good for Insurance Sales?

Twitter: Is It Good for Insurance Sales?

Twitter has been a social media giant since its release in 2006. You may have wondered how an insurance agent could use Twitter to improve sales.  If so, keep reading! A lot has changed with Twitter since its launch. A major update in 2018 was the extension of the character limit from 140 to 280. Twitter is a platform that is still growing and evolving. If you haven’t tried using it for marketing, now is good time to jump in. Here’s how you can use Twitter to grow your insurance agency.

Twitter Success

  • Unique audience
  • Chronological newsfeed
  • Post more
  • Trending news

If you have been hesitant to try Twitter, you’re not alone. When Twitter was first rising in popularity, a lot of people didn’t want to use it because of the constant updates, short character limit, and narrow audience of users. Now Twitter has a broader and more unique audience than Facebook. Twitter users tend to follow more brands and celebrities rather than close friends as on Facebook. That is a unique advantage that Twitter has over other social platforms.

Twitter’s newsfeed is chronological. You have to know the best times to post in your feed in order for your followers to see your content rather than competing to have engaging content appear at the top of the feed like on Facebook or Instagram.

With a chronological newsfeed, you’re encouraged to post more often. Twitter is a great place to inform your audience about what’s going on. Take advantage of this feature to post multiple times a day about special offers, updates to your business, or relevant news from your industry.

Trends happen on Twitter. When U-Haul tweeted about allowing 94 locations to offer 30 days of free storage for victims of Hurricane Florence, it started trending immediately. For events that are happening now, Twitter has become the “go to” place to talk about those events.

Having a Twitter account can be a good way to improve sales for your agency. It serves as a place to connect with like-minded agents, agencies, and followers. Twitter allows you to post more to your audience and keep your agency relevant and updated. You can share successful tweets onto your website, invite followers with specific questions to direct message you, and develop a personal community with your audience.

If you haven’t started using Twitter, now may be a good time for you to join. Start off by following MiniCo Insurance Agency for weekly tips and information about insurance and risk management.

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