Twitter Lists: What Are They?

Twitter has been around for a long time, and so have Twitter lists. However you may just now be hearing about them. Twitter lists have been a thing since 2009, and they are a great way to customize your newsfeed!

How to Find Lists

Lists can be found when you click on your Twitter icon. On a desktop, it’s on the top right, and mobile users will find it on the top left. Underneath “Profile,” the next option is “Lists.”

Here is where you can see the lists you have created and are subscribed to as well as the lists that include your account.

Using Lists

Lists are a great way to organize your feed into different sections. All you have to do is find an account and click on the three dots that appear near the “Follow” button. From there you can choose to add or remove that account from a list.

If you are busy insurance agent who follows a lot of different accounts, you can use lists to separate your feed into multiple categories by creating lists for industry-related, client-related, personal, news, and entertainment content.

Why Lists are Useful

Twitter doesn’t hide content from you. Unlike other social media platforms, you aren’t shown information that Twitter recommends at the top of your feed. Since it’s common to have thousands of followers on Twitter, it can be easy to miss content from a specific audience that you follow. 

It’s best to start creating lists as soon as you start using Twitter; however, it’s never too late to start using them. You may find it time-consuming to try to organize 3,000 followers all at once, so just start with a few at a time.

Have you been using Twitter lists for a while? Let us know how you benefit from using them in the comments.

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