Twitter Tips For Insurance Agents and Agencies

Twitter is a strange and very interesting social platform. But if you don’t approach it with a plan or any sort of knowledge about the network, you may have some trouble utilizing the Twitter effectively.

If you have been off of Twitter for a while or have never created a profile, here’s the minimum information you need to know to get going.

After creating your account, make sure to look at your profile. Examine your profile photo or icon and make sure it’s up to date with what you are using on other social networks. Then read through your bio. While you can’t write a lot in your bio, you do want to make sure it’s clear and leaves a good impression. Lastly, make sure you have a link to your agency’s website in your description.

Next, to start building up your audience, you’ll want to go out and find others to follow. Search out relevant hashtags like #insurance and start engaging in the community. One great idea is to connect to your already existing network of clients. You can try to find them via email address (if they use the same email address for their twitter accounts) or ask them what social networks they use.

As you are starting to build a following, remember that you need to actually tweet. Twitter is a dynamic platform. If you’re not posting anything, your number of followers won’t actually matter. On your profile page, you can pick a tweet to pin to the very top of your feed so that anyone visiting your page will see that tweet first. It’s a useful tactic to promote a new blog or any current news or announcements.

Once you have begun to get a handle on the Twittersphere, the biggest thing you need to remember is your social media etiquette.

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