What Type of Video Content Creates Leads?

People have a bias toward visual content. Engagement and consumption rates for video content have been on the rise for years, but many insurance agents and agencies are still not leveraging it to help them generate leads.

You could make a video that leads the viewer to provide their email or contact information to find out more information. Many times these videos take place on a landing page built for them with a form to one side. This is a straightforward way to move people.

When you are putting your videos on YouTube, include callouts on your videos, especially at the end. Make sure to invite your audience to watch the next related video or to visit your website to learn more.

There are many unique videos you can make to capture the attention of your audience. Depending on your agency’s brand, you may be able to do something with light humor like a “day in the life” video. If your agency offers many different niche insurance products like collectibles insurance, you may want to create a short video explaining the product and describing who may benefit from it.

Video testimonials are a great type of video to build social proof. Once you have converted a prospect into a client,  it’s a great idea to continue to market to them with information about additional products or related events through your video content library.

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