Make Your Insurance Agency Stand Out With Updated Imagery

How people perceive your company has a lot to do with your agency’s imagery. The images you share online through your website and social media say a lot about your agency. In order to stand out and make a positive impression, follow these tips for posting images.

Staying Updated

Maintaining your agency’s image online has a lot to do with staying fresh. Give returning clients and website visitors a little something new every time they stop by. This can easily be done by updating your website banner every couple of months or updating your social media icons. For example, some company’s change their social icons to pink in October to show support for breast cancer awareness. Updating your imagery every couple of months will give your site a fresh look that demonstrates that your insurance agency is active and responsive.

Pro tip: Don’t update just the website homepage. Try swapping out imagery on your most popular webpages and updating your website’s social share thumbnails.

Using Videos

These days, using video online is necessary. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and invest in hiring a camera crew. It can be challenging to find images representing an insurance agency since insurance is an intangible asset. However, don’t let that challenge overwhelm you. There are free apps and online tools that make it easy for nonprofessional video editors like you to create short video clips. These types of videos are becoming extremely popular online. It’s also a good idea to incorporate text videos into the text articles you post on your agency blog.

Pro tip: Use video effectively on your website. Add an engaging video to your homepage and most popular webpages. Good search engine optimization (SEO) is made up of engagement. If you want people to stay on your website longer, adding video to engage users is an excellent first step.

Are you looking for ways to use imagery to help your insurance agency stand out online? Keep these tips in mind the next time you make updates to your website and social media profiles.

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