Using Facebook Local Targeting For Lead Generation

As a local independent agency, you will need sometimes to look past review sites like Yelp. While they are tremendously important and knowing how to handle online reviews is a complex topic on its own, there are a few other things to pay attention to. While customers do research on review sites, they tend not to hang around these sites to just past the time. In other words, if most of your energy is going into making your Yelp page look amazing, no one may ever try to find it. Instead, your agency may want to take advantage of local targeting through Facebook to build more brand awareness in your community.

As soon as they wake up in the morning, the first thing a lot of people do is check Facebook. Email might be next on their plate, but the main course is almost always Facebook. Surely, you want to be there for the early morning go-getters who are finally ready to make some insurance adjustments.

You can get your business seen by making sure you are posting while people are browsing, and by running advertisements. When running Facebook ads, make sure you are targeting a local community. You can run your targeted ads within as little as a one-mile radius from any point. You can use this sort of targeting to make sure your budget is being spent on customers who are more likely to come to you for their insurance needs.

Once you have started building your audience, look into using the lookalike feature on Facebook. This is a way to find a new audience of people who also may be interested in your business based on the people who have already shown interest in you or liked your page.

When building credibility or engagement, try to find ways to share customer testimonials. Videos campaigns work best for this, but even a screenshot from a positive review can go a long way. If you are without these resources, try to ask current clients how their experience with you is going. Asking this simple question can point you in the direction of a few great clients for these testimonials.

Another idea for building engagement is to keep highlighting how your agency is affecting the community around them. Do you do team-building by volunteering at a food bank? Do you collect canned foods every few months to donate? Does your agency sponsor a local youth sports team? These are things that show you genuinely care about your local community, and they can help create a strong connection with your local base.

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